Haste’s Place

Haste – 80s Set at Insession: 16/05/09

Semi-cheesy 7″ selection mixes live at the lovely InSession night


  1. Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls

  2. Oran “Juice” Joines – The Rain

  3. SOS Band – The Finest

  4. Cameo – Candy

  5. The Pointer Sisters – Automatic

  6. Cherelle & Alexander O’ Neal – Saturday Love

  7. Alexander O’ Neal – Criticize

  8. Shannon – Let The Music Play

  9. Bel Biv Devoe – Poison

  10. Boyz II Men – Motownphilly

  11. Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime

  12. New Order – True Faith

  13. Yazoo – Don’t Go

  14. Roxy Music – The Same Old Scene

  15. Siouxsie & The Banshees – Cities In Dust

  16. Eurythmics – Love Is A Stranger

  17. The Adventures Of Stevie V – Dirty Cash

  18. Pet Shop Boys – Heart

  19. Black Box – Ride On Time

  20. Opus II – Fine Day

  21. Kym Sims – Too Blind To See It

  22. Inner City – Good Life (Magic Juan’s Mix)

  23. 808 State – Pacific State – Origin


Haste at In Session – party vibes set

Come and join me for this awesome night. Been down there many, many times and it’s always totally wicked


Insession kicks off its summer programme on Saturday the 16th May by inviting three of our favourite patrons to get behind the decks for another alternative throwdown.

1xtra’s premier dnb host Bailey will be joining us as he’s a long overdue guest and knows exactly what we expect down at the sessions.

He’s a multi award winning radio presenter as well as long standing resident DJ for Goldie’s Metalheadz outfit and Fabio’s night Swerve.

Bailey’s true passion lies with being the best selector possible and we’ve no doubt that’ll apply to his styles outside dnb.

Another session regular, Zero T, has agreed to come back and refresh our minds with his varied influences. Zero T is arguably the brightest rising star out of Dublin’s dnb scene and his influences range from the early 90s conscious hip-hop sounds of Pete Rock, Premier and ATCQ to UK trip hop artists and labels such as Mowax, Ninja Tune and Massive Attack. Add to that a great knowledge of 70s soul, funk and blue note jazz and you can imagine why we’re looking forward to his return. 

Finally Mr Haste will be getting involved, bringing evidence to the table of his serious vinyl addiction and unhealthy knowledge of archiving records. We’re not sure exactly what to expect from Tom but do know he’s collected most styles known to man and is never afraid to play them!

Also don’t forget to catch Valve recordings Craggz who will be road testing his new house productions and Bensamba who will be dropping more trademark brasilian broken beats for the early starters.. 

Saturday 16th May / Lockside Lounge / 8pm – 2am / £3 Entry

Bailey [1Xtra] Funk & Disco Set

Zero T [CIA] Hip Hop & Soul Set

Haste [Rolldabeats] House Party Set

Craggz [Valve] House Set

Bensamba [Resident] / Broken Beat Set

Proof the there are bargains on eBay!

Finally being subscribed to a million and one eBay searches paid off


Usually the emails I get (14 or so every day) just have loads of stuff (that I want) but is too expensive. Bastards. 

Now I get the last laugh – two 12s for a bargain £7. The Tango one alone sells for £10-15


(I’ll quit while I’m ahead in this one and neglect to tell you that I own one of these twice now)