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Not so brief notes on a career in the music biz

Luna-C, main man behind the Smart-Es and Kniteforce Records has a lengthy history of his musical career up on the Kniteforce Revolution website.

I’d really recommend setting aside some time to read it if you’re at all a fan of UK hardcore music or, in fact, you just want to know about one man’s experiences in the weird world of the music biz. I found it to be a fascinating read and really shows an honest account of the good, bad and ugly things that happen in the murky underground dance scene.

Give it a go…

Luna-C’s history of Kniteforce (Part 1)

Plus look at the super cute kids on Top Of The Pops dancing along to Sesame’s Treet…awwwwwww!

Gibson guitars – Voodoo series

Gibson’s definitely my favourite make of guitar. I’ve always wanted to own a Les Paul and still hope that someday I’ll eventually have money spare to splash out on one. For now, I’m happy with my ’76 Explorer which I was lucky enough to pick up back in the late 90s for a pretty good price.

I spotted this lot recently, four of Gibson’s best looking guitars – The Les Paul, Explorer, Flying V and SG – all with a super awesome blackpaint job with a hint of deep red minimal red detailing across the rest of the guitar.

Here’s an image of all except the SG (never really liked them, personally) with a little close up of the skull on the fret board. Click the image for a bigger version…

Gibson Voodoo guitars

They don’t seem to make them any more as they were discontinued in 2003. Probably for the best as I can see my credit card trying to jump out of my wallet as I type this…

Soundgarden – 4th Of July

A little while back I rediscovered Soundgarden’s wicked Superunknown album after it had been sitting in my shelves for around 15 years untouched. I’d completely forgotten how great it is, I don’t think there’s a crap tune on it and some of the lesser known ones definitely stand out the most for me.

I picked this one to post up because of the wicked moody intro but really I could have chosen just about anything from the 15 tracks on there. I highly recommend you go out and grab it, especially the double coloured vinyl edition. Yum

Jordan Knight – Give It To You

Ex-New Kid On The Block comes out with a pop smash in 1999. Who woulda thunk it? While I’ll be first to point out that pop music is mainly utter crap there are some real gems hidden away this, for me, definitely being one of them.

I guess I should really hate this tune but those funky semi-electro style beats and cheesy chorus always gets me singing along. Couldn’t find the video on YouTube apart from a version with terrible audio. Instead here are a load of pics of Mr Knight for you to swoon along to as you listen…

Pointer Sisters – Dare Me

The Pointer Sisters had some seriously top tunes, this definitely being one of ’em. Massive chorus that I really recognise from being sampled/ripped in something else but can’t quite put my finger on.

The video is incredible with ridiculous boxing dance moves from 2:35 onwards. Big tune!