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Archive for October, 2009

Junior Senior – Move Your Feet

Big pop riddim here. Much fun & frolics with a wicked vid to boot. I seem to remember this getting pretty high in the charts but never heard much else from them. Probably for the best

Dr Who (and dem ting deh)

Some of you might remember The Real McCoy – a comedy show from the early 90s – that had some classic sketches but many that are now pretty dated. Felix Dexter was on there regularly and is one of the few of the people who appeared on it who is still around – he has to be one on my favourite comic actors and cracks me up whenever he’s on anything.

I was looking around YouTube for some clips a while back and this one popped up that nearly had me crying. Too good…

TQ – I Wanna Fuck Your Sister

Well, at least he’s honest…

Michael Bolton – How Can We Be Lovers

I bet you didn’t know this guy made a decent tune! There may be others but this the only one I’ve come across – not like I’ve really been digging, mind.

Big 80s nonsense from the mullet man here, get those fists pumping…


Via the lovely Twitter it has already been brought to my attention by Damian B that there is an even rockier edge to Mr Bolton. Check this out…


Singing Sweet – When I See You Smile

A wicked reggae/dancehall version of the Bad Company tune. This one has been rinsed for samples in jungle but is a great track on its own. Bit better than the original version as well – definitely some good haircuts going on there, though.