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Archive for November, 2009

Danger Danger – Slipped Her The Big One

Oh yes…cock rock at its finest with the emphasis being the word cock. Absolutely ridiculous lyrics, I can’t stop chuckling away during the chorus.

“Slip sliiiiiiiiiiiiip…”

Diet Coke With Bacon

My, some people are gullible. This is very amusing and also kinda awesome but are people that dense that they have to ask “Is this a joke?”. Yes, of course it is


http://www.myspace.com/dietcokewithbacon (might not be there for long)

Kate Bush – This Woman’s Work

You might not know this but I’m a little bit obsessed with Kate Bush. Musically I think she’s one of the most unique artists that the UK has ever produced and while I see why some people don’t like her music I think it’s fookin’ great.

She’s also totally, totally hot.

This is one of my favourite tunes by her, although there are many that I adore. It was never on any of her albums but featured on the soundtrack of some crap film, I think. It’s a beautiful track and full of emotion with a video to match (look out for Lord Percy AKA Tim McInnerny).

Rogue Unit – Dance Of The Saroes (Nookie Remix)

Another one on the jungle tip inspired by an incredible thread over at Dogs On Acid (a place that I visit less and less frequently nowadays). Hours of amazing atmospheric/melodic jungle & dnb to listen to in there with some really great links.

Here’s a fav of mine from the wicked Labello Blanco, a label that went from early hardcore up through to jungle and dnb often releasing a pretty good variety of styles along the way. There are a few stinkers in there but many classics.

This one is a remix from Nookie of a track originally by Rogue Unit, AKA Steve Gurley, a man who has covered so many different genres in dance music and layed down countless classic is a bit of classic jungle. Steve, along with producers like Pete Parsons, is a completely unsung hero of early UK dance music and should really have his contribution recognised.

NLB13 – Rogue Unit – Luv Dub / Dance Of The Sarooes (Remix)

Big Vern & Bushman – Digital Maximum

Kinda susprised to find this on YouTube but, since it’s up there, I’ll share it here

A pretty obscure track tucked away on the b-side of a rare release from 93/94. Rougher Than A Lion on the same 12″ is also well worth a listen. Definitely a 12″ worth picking up. I just the sounds and bass that come in at around 1:30 – it’s def a bit of a weird tune but I kinda dig it!

Big Vern & Bushman – ST003 – 1+1 Records