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Archive for January, 2010

Wiley – Wearing My Rolex

This tune is AWESOME and I won’t hear any different 😛

Bonus fact: vocal sampled from DSK – What Would We Do

Bellamy’s People

I posted a while back about Down The Line a little piece of comedy gold from Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson. The good news is that it’s made the transition from radio to TV and is now available to view on BBC’s iPlayer. I’m assuming that it’ll only be on there for a week which is a bit crap, hopefully you can catch it in time.

Bellamy’s People on BBC iPlayer

SOS Band – Tell Me If You Still Care

The SOS Band made a several soul classics and are probably best known for Just Be Good To Me which was covered by Beats International (AKA Fatboy Slim) and The Finest, a tune that hardcore fans will recognise from many tunes, most notably Foul Play’s Finest Illusion.

The is classic slow jam action, catchy vocal hooks and sultry backing. Perfect for winding the night away…

Junior – Mama Used To Say

Cheese time.

Junior, proving that you don’t have to look cool to feature heavily in your own video, weighed in with this party classic in 1982. I have no idea if he ever did anything else but I certainly don’t remember hearing any other tunes by him. Mind you, I was 4 at the time so it’s possible that the follow up singles passed me by.

He does win back cool points by sitting in a pink bath tub and, trust me, this tune rocks the party

Chaka Khan – Through The Fire

Everyone should know this for the huge sample lifted by Kanye West for his breakthrough track, Through The Wire. Sadly, that might have overshadowed the fact that this is a totally top tune!

Always had plenty of time for Chaka Khan and this is what old skool R&B slow jams are all about for me. Grab your favourite girl or guy and get on the floor…

Also worth noting that her hair is HUGE in the vid. I love it