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Archive for May, 2010

DJ Extreme – The Freedom Mix

My pal Extreme just uploaded a new jungle mix to Soundcloud. I highly recommend you check it out!

DJextreme – The Freedom Mix by DJextreme

Kelis – Millionaire

I’ve always loved this tune. From the up tempo beats (I remember D&B DJs dropping this on pirate stations when it first came out) to the catchy vocal hooks it’s a perfect tune to listen to while the sun’s shining bright outside. Cute video as well

Kelis - Millionaire
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The Adventures Of Stevie V – Dirty Cash

Such a classic tune. I’ve loved this ever since I heard it back in the late 80s which was a great time for poppy dance music. I wonder what happened to Stevie V after this, I don’t remember ever hearing anything else by him. The video features some serious gold chain and top quality running man action as well, which is always good.

Stevie V - Dirty Cash
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Dionne – Come Get My Loving

Classic house tune from back in ’88. I could dance to this all day…

Dionne - Come Get My Loving
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Groove Chronicles – Shattered

Groove Chronicles made some of my favourite garage tunes back in the 90s. Proper soulful but still bumpin’ enough to get the dancefloor moving. I already posted their Myron remix but I’ve been listening through a few of their old tunes today so thought it was time for another

Groove Chronicles - Shattered
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