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MSTRKRFT ft. John Legend – Heartbreaker (Brackles Remix)

There seems to be a Brackles remix of everything at the moment and for good reason too. He’s been putting out some blinding singles along with a whole host of deadly remixes for a while now. You can check out the original tune here but I think the remix sounds way more lovely.

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Andrés – Change My Mind

Some wicked vibes here that I just discovered from hearing it in the office. Now I’m trying to track this fella’s other stuff down and it’s not easy. Proper soulful sounding. Love it

Katy B – Katy On A Mission

Benga’s behind the production on this one and Katy brings her usual vocal style to a neat little track that I’m sure will be all over the mainstream dance stations once it’s out. Cool tings, like

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The Ting Tings – Be The One

Not totally sure where the Ting Tings have disappeared to. They seemed to be all over the place for a bit but then disappeared. This was a cute little tune from their first album. Nice & simple guitar pop

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D Double E – Street Fighter Riddim

One half of the Newham Generals, D Double E comes with this his debut solo effort. Of course the Street Fighter samples are all over the place with some wicked lyrics dropping on top of it. Grime at its finest and a sick video to go alongside it

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