Haste’s Place

Selah – Out My House

Big vocal funky tune. Could do without the Donaeo bit but the beat is niceness

DJ Dance – Side A [F Project 26]

Happy Christmas!

Apologies in advance…

Crap Metal Album Covers #5: Ace Lane – See You In Heaven

Ace Lane - See You In Heaven

1983 was most definitely a different time is this is what passes for a metal album cover back then. I guess the they’ve got the masculinity side covered with the creepy beefy skull dude but I’m not sure that pink speedos are permitted up in heaven.

XXXY – Ordinary Things

One of my favourite artists at the moment coming with a load of wicked garage style breakbeat goodness. Looks like this one will be coming on Doc Daneeka’s Ten Thousand Yen imprint which has so far put out 4 killer releases, all should be bought on sight!

Ordinary things by xxxy

Pascal – Movin’ On

A later release on Suburban Base around the time when they went from non-stop killer tunes to putting out a load of fairly average stuff with a few nice bits here and there. I always loved this tune from when I heard it on Hype’s Kiss FM show back in ’95. Here it is on its own but you can also hear it in my second jump up mix too

Buy Pascal MP3s at Juno