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Archive for April, 2011

Candi Staton – When You Wake Up Tomorrow

Big old funk tune from the woman who’ll forever been known by the younger generation for You Got The Love (or at least the remix of her original disco verson). This one you might not have heard before. It’s great…

Candi Staton
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DJ Kent – Falling (Black Coffee Remix)

I love Black Coffee’s tunes, laid back vocal house that are always perfect for grooving to. Lovely tune…

Black Coffee
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B.W.H. – Stop

Big Italo-Disco that I just found out the name of. I really need to listen to more of this stuff cos it’s right up my street: cheesy & fully boogie-worthy!

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Krome & Time – The License (Footwork Edit)

I’m not usually into this kinda thing but this is kinda cool. Crazy 160bpm reworking of the jungle classic in a style reminiscent of tunes from Addison Groove, Ramadanman and all those guys. 808 madness!

Phillip D Kick – Krome + Time – The License (footwork edit) by Phillip D Kick

Krome & Time
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John Foxx – No-One Driving

John Foxx was the first singer with Ultravox but left the band to concentrate on a solo career. His early tunes were all full of wicked sinister synth lines and considering this stuff was released in 1980 it still doesn’t sound that dated today. Perhaps that’s to do with many producers drawing influence from many of the early synth artists in that era but this has definitely stood the test of time better than others from the same era.

John Foxx
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