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Archive for July, 2011

Anthill Mob – Feel The Groove

A nice Jason Kaye mix has me in a garage mood this Friday. Here’s a track from my favourite garage label, Confetti. Anthill Mob were best known for tracks like Burning and Set You Free but there were loads of other classics that they released. Tunes by these guys seem to be some of the only garage 12s that are actually worth any money, I have one that sells for well over £50 and it’s not even very good!

J. A. Davies: The Vaults – Old Skool Garage 1994-1999

Pretty cool selection of old skool Garage here. There are a few obvious tunes but also a few dug up from the depths that brought back some good memories!

Vol. 1

Vol. 2

Mystic & DJ Fire – True Love

Crackin’ ardkore on Seduction’s Impact label. It all went a bit horribly happy later on but the earlier releases are mostly total classics. Plenty of the happy stuff is still pretty awesome, even if it does descend into some awful cheese at certain points.

Cool Hand Flex – Fantasy FM, 1989

The Art Of Noise – Love Beat

I just picked this up on 12″ the other day and had never heard this mix of Moments In Love before. Super slo-mo version with loads of lovely extra piano over the top. The original is an amazing piece of music and this just adds to the ambience.

Art Of Noise
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