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Archive for September, 2011

John Berg – Stabs

Deep house/techno from John Berg. I don’t know who he is but I do know that the label that released this, Room With A View, is siiiiiiiiiick!

John Berg
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The Strokes – Electricityscape

The Strokes have a new album out which sounds pretty good from the first couple of listens. I doubt they’ll ever reach the lofty heights of their amazing debut but at least they still know how to crank out a good slab of indie pop. This was one of the better tunes from their third album that may have gone a little unnoticed by some…

the strokes
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Roxy Music – The Main Thing

Surely everyone knows More Than This? There are a load of wicked Roxy Music tunes worth posting up and today I’m going with this one that’s taken from Avalon and is one of my personal favs from the band. Check the moody keyboards…

Roxy Music
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Trevino – Chip

I’ve been stocking up on the 3024 back catalogue today. Been meaning to grab these tunes for a while now but have been rather slack at picking up tunes of late. Needless to say this label is incredible and there are so many wicked space-age tracks on there that deserve instant purchase. I have no idea who Trevino is but I think he/she must live somewhere in the future, or at least in awesome retro sci-fi movie land.

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Nite Jewel – What Did He Say

Not totally sure what Nite Jewel is all about, the album is cool in a slightly eccentric and bonkers kinda way. This is pretty cool stuff if you like your beats covered with lazy synths and wandering vocal lines.

Nite Jewel
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