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Archive for February, 2012

Joe – All the Things (Your Man Won’t Do)

I decided to start the week off with a day long slow jam session on Monday and the fact that I was powering the office stereo meant that everyone else had to endure this as well. No one complained, which is surprising.

It was pretty much this all day long…

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John Parr – The Minute I Saw You

This is the song from Three Men and a Baby. Ha!

John Parr
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A Man Named Omar – 80s / Detroit Mix

Some wicked tunes on this and a nice varied mix too. There were a couple I’d not heard in here before which is always awesome, plenty of Depeche too. You can check out a few more of Mr Omar’s mixes on Mixcloud.

Alexander O’Neal – If You Were Here Tonight

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day so why not a bit of lovers’ music?

Turn down the lights, play this to the one you love and sing into that hair brush like every word comes from the bottom of your heart.

(Strictly speaking the lyrics don’t work if they’re there in front of you but I’m sure they’d appreciate the gesture and you might get some hot lovin’ after anyway)

Alexander O'Neal
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Larry Levan Live @ Birthday Bash, Gold, Tokyo – 1992

Some serious tunes on here…