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Archive for April, 2012

Space – Female Of The Species

Most 90s indie pop, along with much of the commercial music made in that decade, has aged pretty badly. I used to love this track when it came out and it brings back some funny memories of school days, holidays with mates and much stupid behaviour that I’m glad is well behind me. The song actually still sounds pretty good (or is that just me?), but it’s amazing how obviously 90s this is from virtually everything in the video.

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LL Cool J – Luv U Better

Great tune but probably not remembered as LL’s finest moment. Wicked Neptunes beat anyway. In the video he looks a bit like he’s made of wax and it’s sad to see that no one ever taught him how buttons work. You’ll catch a cold with those shirts undone like that, young man!

LL Cool J
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Orbital – Midnight (Sasha Mix)

Sick remix of some early Orbital, up here to celebrate the Hartnoll boys’ recent gig at the Albert Hall which I really wish I had tickets for. They’re playing a load of festivals over the summer too, look into it if you’ve never caught them before. I really need to pick this tune up actually…

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John Stammers – Idle I’m

Something folky and acoustic for you now. Nice…

John Stammers
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The Police – Synchronicity II

This was playing in a trendy up-market men’s clothes shop I frequent the other day. I hadn’t heard it for years and had forgotten how great it is. Nothing more to say.

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