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Archive for August, 2012

T.Williams – Moving Fast

Have heard this loads on Mr Williams’ Rinse FM show over the past few weeks and have wanted to get my greasy mitts on it for a while now. Top bumpy house sounds from the man, out in a few weeks on PMR

Jason Kaye & Steve Gurley – Can’t Wait

Lovely garage from ’97 courtesy of two of the top guys in the game. I’ve always loved Steve Gurley’s productions and Jason Kaye was always a favourite DJ of mine playing house & garage and especially as part of Top Buzz in a more hardcore guise. Enjoy…

Sugar Minott – Victory

Badman reggae from legend Sugar Minott. Not much more needed here…

Patrick Swayze – She’s Like The Wind

Now, let’s get things straight from the start: Dirty Dancing is a killer film. I’m not a fan of the “chick flick” but this one is different and I’ll always sit it out if it comes on the TV. Swayze absolutely smashes up the moves on the floor and the soundtrack is full of schmaltzy 80s goodness. I’ve been trying to perfect the climactic lift sequence with various (small) female friends over the years but it always ends with bodies in a crumpled heap on some stinky club floor.

I have to admit I was pretty sad when I heard about Patrick’s death a few years back. He always came across like a genuinely decent guy and I’ve loved his performances in several films over the past few decades. It’s also worth noting that he was married to the same woman, Lisa Niemi, from 1975 until his death, which seems to be a rarity in the showbiz world. RIP Swayze. Badman.

She's Like The Wind
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Last Shop Standing

An interesting new film about the history of the independent record shop is coming out in September. Luckily for me it happens to be having its premier at my local cinema, the ever wonderful Brixton Ritzy, but has a DVD release coming out soon after. If you’re into vinyl and independent music then I reckon this will be well worth checking out.


Here’s the trailer