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Archive for March, 2013

HNNY – For the Very First Time (Dirtytwo’s Midas Touch Version)

A lovely remix of a great original tune that came out recently one on of my fav current labels, Local Talk. Consistently great house music from the lads in Sweden, check it out if you’ve not already.

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Imagination – Changes

Soulful grooves from the awesome Imagination. They’re probably best known for the mighty Just An Illusion but I prefer this one. The dub mix is also great if you’re not so into the vocals

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Bon Jovi – Always Run To You

Judging by my web stats I’m assuming that most people who read this site (there aren’t many of you) are ones that I actually know in real life, so you will probably already know about my highly questionable taste in music. Not that I’m saying that Bon Jovi are shit, because they are pretty damn amazing (pre 90s), but I know some of you will probably not approve of this. For those who can appreciate pop metal genius and the days of amazing 80s choruses, check this out:

Bon Jovi
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Water + Bass + Camera = Cool

Mandre – Solar Flight

Wicked space-age 70s funk from the mysterious Mandre. The influence he had on Daft Punk is pretty obvious and the music’s great too. Rush Hour re-released some of his tunes in 2010, make sure you check ’em out.

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