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Archive for June, 2013

UK Garage Todd Edwards/Tuff Jam/New Horizons Mix by Ray Juss

I was just searching for a garage mix on Mixcloud and happened across one of the only ones that doesn’t contain the same 15 tunes. Turns out it’s by Ray Juss the man responsible for several events that happen around London inclduing the great vinyl only night Off The Record which I’m hopefully going to be playing a few tunes at at some point in the future.

Anyway, back to the mix. Great selection and some tip top swift mixing. Highly recommended

  1. Baffled – Over You

  2. Tuff Jam Feat Xavier – Tumblin’ Down

  3. Indo – R U Sleeping (Todd Edwards Mix)

  4. Baffled – Going On

  5. New Horizons – Find The Path (Tuff Jam Diy Dub)

  6. Todd Edwards – Thank You

  7. Tuff Jam – Just Cant Get Enough

  8. Industry Standard Vol 1 – What You Want

  9. New Horizons – Its My House (Bassline mix)

  10. Tuff Jam/Todd Edwards – Wanting Jesus

  11. Tuff Jam/Todd Edwards – One Day

  12. Big Bird – Flav

  13. 10 Degrees Below – What You Do

  14. About 2 – Real Loving

  15. Steve Gurley – Rhythms Gona Get Cha

UK Garage Todd Edwards/Tuff Jam/New Horizons Mix by Rayjuss on Mixcloud

Mphoza – Moove

This track turned up on a a playlist of South African house tracks that a mate sent me the other day. There were a couple of names I recognised there (Black Coffee, Ralf Gum) but on the whole they were all completely new to me and were all great. I’d been hearing for a long time that SA is turning out some top house music and have loved everything I’ve heard in the past few years but it was nice to check out some of it from someone who is actually from the area. Needless to say it didn’t disappoint and this one in particular caught my ear. Blissfully simple and catchy.

Buy Mphoza – Moove MP3 at Juno Download

R. Kelly – We Ride

R. Kelly is definitely one of the most ludicrous, yet amazing, people to exist in the world. His songs are regularly incredible (this one especially) with lyrics that often make me wonder what exactly goes on in his mind during the song writing process. I think being R. Kelly for a day would be a trip into a world that is completely insane but probably a lot of fun, if I’m honest.

R Kelly
Buy R. Kelly – We Ride

JMJ & Richie – Universal Horn (Flytronix Remix)

A bit of a gem from the glory days of atmospheric jungle. If memory serves me correctly this came out around ’96, back when Moving Shadow was really on top of the game for this style of music. It appeared on the Storm From the East LP, an album that showcased artists from the east of the UK. Along with the Revolutionary Generation I see this for peanuts every now and then in shops but that’s not to detract from the great tunes on them so well worth giving them a shot if you happen to see them for sale.

Jonas LR – Cockiness

Nice little Rihanna sampling track from Jonas LR, a new producer who seems to be the disgustingly young age of 18. Gawd these guys make me feel old. He’s had a release on L2S but there’s a bunch of other stuff to check out on his Soundcloud.

Nice little tune and best of all is it’s available to download for free. Go grab it!