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Archive for August, 2013

Ultravox – We Came To Dance

Killer 80s synth pop taken from what I didn’t know was the band’s sixth album, Quartet. Forget Vienna, this is the one.

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Reckless Love – Beautiful Bomb

Should bands still be making glam metal in this day and age? Reckless Love certainly think so. Steel Panther, who are a bit shite, do as well but are exceedingly entertaining live (and have their tongues placed firmly in their cheeks about the whole thing).

Not totally convinced by all of this but it’s really no different from the utter garbage that I have a very soft spot for that came out three decades ago. Also, surely these men are too old to be wearing spandex?

Reckless Love
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Karen Young – Deetour

Who is Karen Young? No idea. I discovered this from a mix a while back and couldn’t get it out of my head for ages after. The vocal effects in the chorus are cool.

The Teardrop Explodes – When I Dream

You know when you listen to an album and you know half the tunes on there but never knew who they were by and what they were called? No? Maybe it’s just me then.

This just happened to me with The Teardrop Explodes’ awesome Kilimanjaro LP. I have no idea when I heard all of these songs as I don’t ever recall listening to these guys before (although they have been on my “list of bands who sound interesting and I should probably check out” for a while). Top 80s “psychedelic” post punk/new wave/indie/whatever from Julian Cope et al. Listen.

Teardrop Explodes
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Todd Terje – Strandbar (Disko Version)

After his huge summer 2012 anthem Inspector Norse Todd Terje proves that he has more hooks than B&Q with another insanely catchy piece of house music. I’m a huge sucker for a catchy piano line and this one is destroying me right now.

Todd Terje
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