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Archive for September, 2013

New York Transit Authority – Hard Work

I’ve heard Redlight playing this on Rinse a few times and just found out what it is. Conveniently it’s out today so I’ll be picking up a copy and you should too. Simple stuff but that rolling one-note bassline is class. It is worth noting that New York Transit Authority is from Bristol and not New York. Liar.

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Brixton’s smallest shops

I live in Brixton and have always wondered about the tiny shops that can be found tucked away in various corners of the market. What a nice surprise to find a cool little film interviewing the owners and telling their interesting stories.

Soul For Real – Every Little Thing I Do

Jammin’ R&B classic from the Soul For Real boys. 90s vibes.

Soul For Real
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Bee Gees – ESP

Don’t lie to yourselves, you know you love this.


Bee Gees
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Carcass – Surgical Steel

It’s unlikely that many people reading this blog will like this but I don’t care. My favourite band, Carcass, release their new album Surgical Steel today. I have to admit that I had a naughty download of it weeks back but seeing as I’ve bought two copies of the thing on vinyl at great expense I think I’m justified in hearing it a little early.

Growing up I loved these guys’ music. Necroticism and Heartwork are two of the most perfect records that I’ve ever heard so I was a little worried when they announced a new album. First listen showed that they’d done a good job and repeated listens (there have been, like, a lot) made me realise that they’d totally excelled themselves. It’s awesome.

This is unlikely to be everyone’s cup of tea but anyone who’s at all into metal needs to check this out. It’s on Spotify…

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