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Archive for October, 2013

Mick Smiley – Magic

It’s Halloween…oOooOOoooOOOoh!

Ghostbusters is spooky, right? Yeah, I think it counts as spooky enough to go up for Halloween. Here’s a cool little track from the Ghostbusters Soundtrack that I swear someone should sample and make into a hip hop tune or something, the best is wicked. It’s from the bit of the film where they’ve opened up the ghost storage and everything goes a little trippy. You know it’s all about the bit where the guy gets in the taxi and the driver is some sort of zombie. Ghostbusters rules!

There’s another version of the tune, it seems. Be warned that Mick appears to have the cold, dead eyes of a killer in the video. Now that’s spooky!

Mick Smiley
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Morgan / McVey – Looking Good Diving (With The Wild Bunch)

The tune that eventually became Buffalo Stance started out as the b-side of Morgan / McVey’s “Looking Good Diving” which was produced by Stock, Aitken & Waterman. They called in Tim Simenon (Mr Bomb The Bass to me and you) to turn it into the 80s dance classic that it is and the tune blew up. I had absolutely no idea that he’d produced Buffalo (and Manchild for that matter) but listening now it all totally makes sense. Wicked tunes anyway and interesting to hear this proto version.

Morgan McVey
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Citizen & Ashworth Feat. Shona Carmen – Situation (LDN Warehouse Dub)

I love Citizen’s stuff and his latest track, done with Ashworth, on Waze & Odyssey’s Street Tracks label is yet another slice of blissfully sweet house music. All tracks on the 12″ are great, this is the dub mix of the title track.

Situation EP
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Holy Ghost! – Don’t Look Down

Their first album was great, if you’re into that New York electro-hipster type vibe, and Holy Ghost(!) are back with a new LP which is filled with more catchy, synth-led numbers. I love the lo-fi vocal stabs in this one giving the tune a bit of an 80s feel which reminds me of Fleetwood Mac for some reason, I think Tango in the Night had a bunch of similar vocal samples used on some of its tunes. Good stuff, anyway.

Holy Ghost
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Manix – Riprize

Manix AKA Marc Mac from 4 Hero released a hardcore album, Living in the Past, the other day. You can grab it on MP3 but the vinyl editions are all gone now including a very lovely looking picture disc which I was lucky enough to grab a copy of…but only just!

The album’s great. 10 tracks of hardcore mastery done as a faithful recreation of the sounds that these guys were putting out back in ’92 and ’93. It doesn’t stray far from the original formula, which is absolutely fine by me considering Manix and the Reinforced lot released some of the finest tunes from this period. Is the album better than the classics of yesteryear? Sadly not, but it’s an excellent recreation of the golden years of hardcore and deserves a spot in everyone’s collection.