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DJ Contakt – Pool Bar Reminiscence Mix

Here’s a little mix my pal Wayne AKA DJ Contakt did. He used to run a night at the Pool Bar in Shoreditch that I used to go to many years back and would play all sorts of wicked hip hop down there. Here’s a mix of tunes he did as a little retrospective of the night.

You can also download the mix if you want

Logic – Jazzy Hip Hop Instrumentals Mix

My old mate Logic made a little mix of mainly MF Doom and A Tribe Called Quest hip hop instrumentals for, believe it or not, a wedding he was at recently. I wish they played that sort of things at the weddings I go to, I’d much rather hear that than the Village People.

Anyway, I loved it so thought I’d share it with you here.

  1. MF Doom – Lovage

  2. MF Doom – Camphor

  3. MF Doom – Benzoin Gum

  4. MF Doom – Buckeyes

  5. MF Doom – Calamus

  6. MF Doom – Coltsfoot Leaf

  7. A Tribe Called Quest – Stressed Out (Remix) [Instrumental]

  8. A Tribe Called Quest – Vibes & Stuff [Instrumental]

  9. A Tribe Called Quest – We Got (The Jazz) [Instrumental]

  10. MF Doom – Arrow Root

  11. MF Doom – Agrimony

  12. A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It? [Instrumental]

  13. A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again [Instrumental]

  14. A Tribe Called Quest – Ham ‘n Eggs [Instrumental]

  15. A Tribe Called Quest – Find a Way [Instrumental]

  16. A Tribe Called Quest – The Infamous Date Rape [Instrumental]

  17. MF Doom – Dragon’s Blood Resin

  18. A Tribe Called Quest – We Can Get Down [Instrumental]

  19. MF Doom – Vinca Rosea

  20. De La Soul – Breakadawn [Instrumental]


Haste – Live at Off The Record – 28/9/2013

I played a vinyl only jungle set on the 28th September at one of my favourite bars in London, Camden’s Lockside Lounge, for Off The Record. I generally play with a laptop now when I’m out and about (it’s been a while since I’ve played old skool anywhere) so it was nice to play some proper records. I definitely didn’t miss the transportation side of things, though.

The crowd were just a Saturday night bar crown so I wasn’t able to dig too deep, hence a few anthems in here amongst a few others that I thought might work well. The first tune was actually Seiji‘s last one, he played a wicked set of various bits and bobs including some lovely classic house and garage.

  1. Reprazent – New Forms (Seiji’s last tune)

  2. Tom & Jerry – Dancer

  3. Deep Blue – Helicopter Tune

  4. Randall & Andy C – Sound Control

  5. Slipmatt – Breaking Free

  6. Jo – R-Type

  7. Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith – Charge (T-Bone VIP Mix)

  8. General Degree – Papa Lover (Stretch Remix)

  9. Conquering Lion – Code Red (94 Remix)

  10. Uncle 22 – 6 Million Ways (DJ Hype Remix)

  11. DJ Rap & Outlaw Candy – Intelligent Woman

  12. Krome & Time – The Licence

  13. Tarzan – Watch How The People

  14. M-Beat – Sweet Love

  15. Prizna – Fire (Urban Shakedown Remix)

  16. Remarc & Lewi – Ricky

  17. Tom & Jerry – Maximun Style

  18. Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows (Long Dark Remix)

  19. Andy C – Roll On

  20. DJ Krust – Set Speed (Remix)

  21. DJ Zinc – On Fire Tonight

  22. Remarc – RIP (DJ Hype Remix)

  23. Gang Related & Mask – Ready Or Not

  24. Bonafide – Super Bad (DJ Zinc Remix)

  25. Shy FX – This Style (Remix)

  26. DJ Phantasy – 44 Mag

  27. DJ Nut Nut – Special Dedication

  28. Aladdin – Play buttonMash Up Yer Know (’96 Remix)

  29. Lemon D – This Is LA

  30. Splash – Babylon

  31. Tribe Of Issachar – Junglist

  32. Roni Size – Fashion

  33. DJ SS – Black (VIP Mix)

  34. L Double – Mad Funk

  35. Firefox – Bonanza Kid

  36. EQP – Crackman (Last Chapter)

  37. Capone – Friday

  38. Special K – Pressure Roll

  39. Sound Of The Future – Lighter (DJ Friendly Remix)

  40. Dred Bass & The JB – World Of Music

  41. DJ Rap – Hardstep

  42. Top Cat – Roughest Gunark (DJ Rap Remix)

  43. DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter (Remix)

Stream on Mixcloud

Or download the MP3

Serum Studio Mix July 2013

I don’t listen to much D&B any more but it’s nice to dip in and out every now & then and check a few mixes. Of all the more recent producers who make tracks that some might call jump up I’ve always liked Serum’s tunes and I’ve heard a few mixes of his as well in the past which have all been good stuff. He’s also a good lad and posts nice sample sources on the RDB forums every now & then.

This mix is unashamedly about self-promotion and features mainly his or Bladerunner’s tracks but I’ll forgive him as there is a fair mix of styles in there alongside the standard steppers. We had a nice little armchair bop to this in the office today and you should like it if 175 BPM is your thing.

  1. Dee Bo General – The Specialist (Serum Remix)

  2. Serum & Coda – Witchcraft

  3. BTK – Try

  4. Serum & Coda – Hindsight

  5. Serum – Snapback

  6. Roni Size – It’s Jazzy (Bladerunner Remix)

  7. Explicit – Black Dragon

  8. Serum – Jaguar Technique 2013

  9. Hazard – Digital Bumble Bees

  10. Serum – Boulderdash

  11. Serum – Energy

  12. Level 2 – Bass Reverse

  13. Serum & Bladerunner – Wu Tang 2013

  14. Coda – Untitled

  15. Bladerunner – Spartan Law VIP

  16. Serum – Deep Inside

  17. BTK – Bandits

  18. Hazard – Air Guitar

  19. Bad Company – Hornet

  20. Dillinja – Leather

  21. Dillinja – All Aboard

  22. Frankee – Harlequin

  23. Serum & Bladerunner – Heavy Duty

  24. Serum, Bladerunner & Fats – Inner Soul

  25. Hazard – Time Tripping

  26. Zen – Space Cake

  27. Loadstar – Be There

  28. Bladerunner – Full Power

  29. Dillinja – Gangsta (Serum Remix)

  30. Explicit – Cringe

  31. Dee Bo General – Too Much Violence (Bladerunner Remix)

  32. Cool Hand Flex- Mercy Mercy (Serum Remix)

Serum Studio Mix July 2013 by Serum on Mixcloud

UK Garage Todd Edwards/Tuff Jam/New Horizons Mix by Ray Juss

I was just searching for a garage mix on Mixcloud and happened across one of the only ones that doesn’t contain the same 15 tunes. Turns out it’s by Ray Juss the man responsible for several events that happen around London inclduing the great vinyl only night Off The Record which I’m hopefully going to be playing a few tunes at at some point in the future.

Anyway, back to the mix. Great selection and some tip top swift mixing. Highly recommended

  1. Baffled – Over You

  2. Tuff Jam Feat Xavier – Tumblin’ Down

  3. Indo – R U Sleeping (Todd Edwards Mix)

  4. Baffled – Going On

  5. New Horizons – Find The Path (Tuff Jam Diy Dub)

  6. Todd Edwards – Thank You

  7. Tuff Jam – Just Cant Get Enough

  8. Industry Standard Vol 1 – What You Want

  9. New Horizons – Its My House (Bassline mix)

  10. Tuff Jam/Todd Edwards – Wanting Jesus

  11. Tuff Jam/Todd Edwards – One Day

  12. Big Bird – Flav

  13. 10 Degrees Below – What You Do

  14. About 2 – Real Loving

  15. Steve Gurley – Rhythms Gona Get Cha

UK Garage Todd Edwards/Tuff Jam/New Horizons Mix by Rayjuss on Mixcloud