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Awesome things: Alexander O’Neal’s fashion sense

Alexander is one of my favourite r&b/soul singers. The man can sing his heart out and has a super distinctive voice that always sounds totally wicked. In the 80s he was a big, big deal selling out arenas all over the shop and rightly so, his hits from back there were absolutely top.

He usually rocked the suave gentleman look while on stage: sharp suits done well but there are a few videos of him around where he is showing some amazing fashion sense off. I wish I looked as cool as him in these clips

The yellow suit

Saturday Love – what a tune. This yellow suit is seriously amazing, not many people could pull this off but Mr O’Neal makes it looks fresh. Shame about the crappy clip 🙁

Furry collared leather jacket, white scarf and argyle jumper

Innocent – another great tune but, wow, this outfit is off the hook. No wonder all the girls are all over him, this look is increds. I have to admit he doesn’t look as good towards the end when the jacket comes off to reveal a tank top underneath…should have kept it on, pal.

Totally badman tracksuit with white shirt

Saturday Love again, I honestly can’t explain how much I love this tune. Anyway, that’s not what we’re on about here. The fact that he’s crooning away wearing what appears to be a black & white tracksuit with a shirt underneath is brave. I don’t how but he looks so fucking cool in this.

Alex, I take my hat off to you…

ps just found out that he sang backing vocals on SOS Band – The Finest which makes him even more awesome