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De Ryus – Grass Ain’t Greener (MJ Cole Remix)

De Ryus, from what I can remember where a Swedish or Danish boy band (why is there nothing on Wikipedia about them?). The original track was fairly uninspiring when I heard it but MJ Cole’s remix was a stunner. Back in 1999 he could really do no wrong and there was a new classic out from him every week, it seemed. Anyway, this is a lesser known one, although still a bit tune. Enjoy…

Edit: turns out that I was totally wrong. De Ryus is a British singer/songwriter. I have no idea why I thought it was a boy band. It’s possible I was thinking of BBMak who got the Artful Dodger remix treatment at around the same time, but they’re English!

Note: this always makes me giggle as it sounds like it’s saying “ah, ah boobies”.

Yeah, yeah, I’ll grow up one day