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Haste – Hardcore Mix Part 5

I’ve had a bunch of records out for a while (shamefully about 6 months) to record this and finally got round to it. I now realise that not DJing regularly means that you become far worse at mixing so this is a little off in places, apologies in advance.

Most of the tracks here are from 1993 and represent the period where hardcore started to move into jungle. There’s still a hint of cheese and chipmunks but everything was getting a bit darker and the four to the floor kicks were on their way out. Loads of these are personal favs from that era and are tracks that never leave the bag when I’m playing this sort of stuff out.

  1. Nosebleed – Left Nostril [Face]

  2. From The Man Like The Pennywise – Suspension Of Disbelief [Symphony Sound]

  3. Tango & Fallout – Violator Part 1

  4. DJ Terror Eyes & Mister Mix – The Ritual [Face 2 Face]

  5. The Reece Project – Spirit Come Down [Liquid Wax]

  6. Formula 7 – War Cries [Quayside]

  7. Pascal & Sponge – Raw Basics [Face]

  8. DJ Taktix – Fatal Attraxion [Back 2 Basics]

  9. Fast Floor – Sweat Shop [Smooth Recordings]

  10. Harmony & Xtreme – NRG Rush [Lucky Spin]

  11. Essence Of Aura – Intruder [Outstanding Productions]

  12. First Prodject – Interferance [ULR One]

  13. Roni Size – Agility [Vinyl Experience/V Recordings]

  14. DJ Crystl – Inna Year 3000 [Force Ten]

  15. Harmony & Xtreme – SL001

  16. DJ Pooch – Untitled [Pure White/Lucky Spin]

  17. Cool Hand Flex – Shackout [U No Dat]

  18. Vicious Crew – Alright [Stomp Records]

  19. Goldseal Tribe – Your Love Pt 2 [Goldseal]

  20. JMJ & Richie – Case Closed [Moving Shadow]

  21. Bounty Killaz – Silent Voices [Creative Wax]

  22. Tayla – Bang The Drums [Good Looking]

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