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Jungle, hardcore, UK garage, happy hardcore

Haste – Hardcore Part 4: Recorded Live @ Informal vs Urban Jungle

A little live recording from Informal Vs. Urban Jungle back in Christmas ’03. Was a cool little party even though I seemed to clear the dancefloor with the hardcore selection! Check the wicked clang on Music Takes You…one of my best yet! ๐Ÿ˜€


  1. Manix – Feel Real Good [Reinforced]

  2. Doc Scott – NHS (Disco Mix) [Absolute 2]

  3. Bizzarre Inc – Playing WIth Knives (Quadrant Mix) [Vinyl Solution]

  4. Run Tings – Keep The Fires Burning [Suburban Base]

  5. Intense – The Doctor [ULR]

  6. D Livin – Why [D Livin]

  7. DJ Crystl – Drop XTC [Lucky Spin]

  8. Blame – Music Takes You [Moving Shadow]

  9. Cool Hand Flex – With You [U No Dat]

  10. Urban Hype – Trip To Trumpton (Remix) [Faze 2]

  11. Low Noise Block – Rave In A Bedroom [Ibiza]

  12. Seduction & Phantasy – DJs Unite Vol 2 [Impact]

  13. Manix – Oblivion [Reinforced]