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Haste – Ragga Jungle: Haste & Pinball on Soulfuel, Radio 2, Estonia

I guested on Pinball’s Soulfuel show on Estonia’s Radio 2 on the 25th August while I was in the country to play a couple of gigs. Not much in the way of tearout mixes and all that but just a few tunes and me chatting a load of shite on top. Thought it might be nice to upload it for you all to hear and laugh at my stupid radio voice!

Big up to all the Estonian crew especially Orav & to-sha. Of course, gotta say thanks to Mr Pinball for letting me guest on the show, hopefully we’ll meet up in Helsinki soon!


  1. Lloydie Crucial : Southern California [Lloydie Crucial Productions]

  2. Dextrous : Musically Abstract (Remix) [Subversive]

  3. Renk Crew : Passing Me By [Decibel]

  4. M-Beat : Just A Little (Stink Mix) [Renk]

  5. Top Star & Master Flexxer : New Jack In Jungle [Wicked Soundz]

  6. Ron Tom : Pirates 1995 [Metamorphosis]

  7. Red Light : Murder Tonight [Red light]

  8. Lennie De Ice : U Ask For It [Do Or Die]

  9. Cool Hand Flex : Melody Madness [In Touch]

  10. Blackhand : What Ever [Mafia]

  11. Trinity : Gangsta [Philly Blunt]

  12. Studio 2 : Get Burn [Redskin]

  13. Remarc & Lewi : Ricky [Dollar]

  14. Conquering Lion : Lion Of Judah (Boombastic Cut) [X Project]

  15. Dextrous : Bad Boy Tune (Chi Mix) [Dubplate]