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Paranormal Activity

I caught this in the US a couple of weeks back after seeing a trailer before I left to go out there. I’m a bit of a sucker for a good horror film, especially one that does actually scare you and doesn’t just rely on excessive gore and this definitely falls into that category.

There were some serious noises going on in the cinema as people tried to calm themselves down with nervous laughter in between lots of “ooooooh fuckkkkk!” moments.

Not quite sure when this will be hitting the UK but I’m sure it will as it’s been a huge success stateside (made for $15,000 and pulling in millions at the box office).

Go see it on the big screen, you will shit ’em.

More info here but I’d almost recommend not watching the trailer and just waiting for the film. It doesn’t spoil anything but you’ll probably enjoy the film more if you don’t watch it (all will become clear afterwards…)