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Producer, DJ, vinyl nut
Jungle, hardcore, UK garage, happy hardcore

#1 – Into The Twilight with Haste (May 24)

Kicking off a new series of shows with a big selection of new jungle and hardcore. From the ruff to the smooth with amens, pianos and everything in-between. Plenty of dubs, a few of my own tunes and a load that you can go out and grab yourselves today.

Jon Tetly – Illusion [Self Released]
Renegade – Multiverse (Haste Remix) [Forthcoming Phonomena]
Soeneido – Other World [Dub]
Levitation – Inexplicable [PPJ]
Nebula – Rehabilitation Through Art [Self Released]
Charla Green – Drumbeat [Function]
Haste – Move [Forthcoming Twilight]
Dertie Bassett – A Wicked Man [Dub]
Mutt – River Jordan [Forthcoming Shark With Laser On Head]
Tursio – A World [Forthcoming Jungle Juice]
Dwarde & Gand – Poprocks 2 [Globex Corp]
DJ Airwalk – Dun Know [Dub]
Response & Pliskin – Over The Hill [Bukva Sound]
Soulox & Soeneido – It Been [Forthcoming Future Retro London]
Haste & Law – Give Me [Forthcoming R Whites]
Nation – High [Dub]
Tom Oakley – 3 Storms [Deep Digginz]
Equinox – Never Gonna Give Up [A-KO]
Vex – Selekky [Rollout]
Haste – Come On [Dub]
Arkyn & Syntax – Loving That You’re Giving [Forthcoming Motive Hunter]
Zeldin – Will You Be The One [Dub]