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Ragga Twins – Wipe The Needle

After seeing these guys rip the place to pieces at Bestival last weekend I had to post up one of their tunes.

The Ragga Twins worked with Shut Up & Dance in the early nineties and created some classic tunes. Beats by SUAD who, for my mind, were one of a handful of true pioneers in the hardcore/rave scene and really haven’t received the praise they deservce and lyrics by Deman and Flinty they came out with a classic album, Reggae Owes Me Money, that anyone who likes a bit of ragga, breakbeat, hardcore, hip hop or anything remotely similar should definitely check out.

Here’s Wipe The Needle which actually doesn’t have too much of the Twins on it but still an incredible piece of hardcore history. They really don’t make ’em like they used to.

For a bit more of the guys’ work you can check the recent(ish) Soul Jazz compilation of some of their best tracks on Spotify – spotify:album:45H2BfEFikrbu3NoCl6zJa . You can also buy if direct from the label here – http://www.souljazzrecords.co.uk/releases/?id=12379

There’s also a great interview with Shut Up & Dance over at Blog To The Old Skool. I did listen to a Ragga Twins interview online that was really good a while back but can’t find it any more!