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Rogue Unit – Dance Of The Saroes (Nookie Remix)

Another one on the jungle tip inspired by an incredible thread over at Dogs On Acid (a place that I visit less and less frequently nowadays). Hours of amazing atmospheric/melodic jungle & dnb to listen to in there with some really great links.

Here’s a fav of mine from the wicked Labello Blanco, a label that went from early hardcore up through to jungle and dnb often releasing a pretty good variety of styles along the way. There are a few stinkers in there but many classics.

This one is a remix from Nookie of a track originally by Rogue Unit, AKA Steve Gurley, a man who has covered so many different genres in dance music and layed down countless classic is a bit of classic jungle. Steve, along with producers like Pete Parsons, is a completely unsung hero of early UK dance music and should really have his contribution recognised.

NLB13 – Rogue Unit – Luv Dub / Dance Of The Sarooes (Remix)