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Archive for March, 2010

Lewis Parker – Rise

UK Hip Hop from some time way back in the 90s. Some advert on TV has the same piano line in it which reminded me of this. Lovely little tune…

DJ NG feat. Katy B – Tell Me

Nice tune that’s been around for a while now. The more commercial side of things but I like it loads. Katy B’s voice is nice

DJ NG’s website says that he wrote a 12,000 word dissertation on UK Garage for his degree which I find most amusing.

Gusto – Disco’s Revenge

I remember this in ’95 when the cheesy clubs jumped all over it and slowly (perhaps even quickly) made me never wanna hear it again. But 15 years on (!) it’s still a wicked tune. House music seems to be the only genre that can get away with looping the same thing for 5 minutes and it still sounding cool.

Did Gusto ever do anything else that was good?

Freeway – What We Do

Love the sample (from Creative Source – I Just Can’t See Myself Without You – at 2:09) in this 2002 tune from Freeway’s Philadelphia Freeway album which was pretty good if memory serves me correctly! Flipside on there was a wicked tune as well.

Frantic & Impulse – Vol. 1

Massive ’93 hardcore from Basement sister label Homegrown. Just the perfect meeting of pianos and breakbeats before things all started to go way too stompy and happy. I’ll track this one down on vinyl one day, fucker to find at a decent price, though. Big party vibes