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Freeway – What We Do

Love the sample (from Creative Source – I Just Can’t See Myself Without You – at 2:09) in this 2002 tune from Freeway’s Philadelphia Freeway album which was pretty good if memory serves me correctly! Flipside on there was a wicked tune as well.

Anatomy of… DJ Prince

I just stumbled across these. Some great videos on YouTube showing all the original samples from a load of dance classics. I knew quite a few of these sources already but there are loads here that I’ve never heard before. Check them out…

Eric B & Rakim – Paid In Full (Coldcut’s 7 Minutes Of Madness Mix)
Dee Lite – Groove Is In The Heart
Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis

There are loads more, check out DJ Prince’s channel on YouTube for the rest

Aleem – Get Loose

Totally awesome tune from Aleem who I know absolutely nothing about. Once again played to me by the same mate who had the Foster Sylvers tune. Another one that’s been sampled for a slightly more obscure track – C.M.C’s – Let Loose on one of my favourite hardcore labels, Ibiza Records.

I absolutely love this style of 80s electronic soul and really wish I knew more of the track names. If anyone has some recommendations then post ’em in the comments. I need more of this sort of stuff in my collection!

Foster Sylvers – Misdemeanor

A friend of mine showed me this tune years back after picking it up second hand. Apparently a well known old skool tune in its field I recognised the intro from M-Beat’s jungle track, Style.

Performed and released when he was only 11 years old Foster Sylvers was part of a family of singers & songwriters, similar to the Jacksons, so I’m told. This was his first hit and has also been sampled on many Hip Hop tracks, according to Google.


Recognise the sample? (Part 1)

I guess I could do these posts for years, especially seeing as we have thousands of them posted over at the rolldabeats sample forum but I might try to do a few more non-dnb/jungle/hardcore ones here when I come across them

Massive one here, anyway.

Everyone who has ever heard a jungle tune (or watched Father Ted ;] ) should know this one