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Angela Bofill – Who Knows You Better

Big soul from Angela’s 84 album Let me be the one. If you’ve not heard it then get it, it’s awesome!

Chaka Khan – I Know You, I Live You

Chaka Khan is amazing, she’s recorded so many great tunes yet somehow this is a fairly recent revelation to me. Everyone knows the hits so I hope I don’t need to educate anyone there and of course you all get down to I Feel For You when it goes the jukebox but have any of you actually listened to the album it’s from in full? No? Then do so immediately, there are some killers on there!

Anyway, this is one from 1981 and has a chorus that I can never get out of my head. What a riddim.

Chaka Khan
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TS Monk – Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself

Smooth soul from the one and only Theolonious Monk. Apart from having an awesome name he was responsible for many solid grooves from the 80s and beyond. This is one of them.

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Karen Young – Deetour

Who is Karen Young? No idea. I discovered this from a mix a while back and couldn’t get it out of my head for ages after. The vocal effects in the chorus are cool.

High Fashion – Hold On

Absolute banger from High Fashion who have made their way onto the Lighthouse London stereo quite a lot lately. They were launched/managed by Jacques Fred Petrus, the guy also responsible for the awesome B. B. & Q. Band. Meli’sa Morgan was one of the vocalists, she had several wicked tunes as a solo artist. Should really post a couple of them up at some point. Wunderbar.

High Fashion
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