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Archive for January, 2011

Depeche Mode – It’s Called A Heart (The Video They’d Rather Forget?)

Good tune and all but this is really about the video for me. Taken from some random French TV show deep in the 80s there are some very baffling things going on here. The S&M look did seem to creep into pop band attire back then without people batting an eyelid but now it’s the sort of thing that pops up to cause maximum LOLs at red faced musicians who look like total bellends on video. What those random dudes are doing in the room with them, I have no idea

Depeche Mode
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Amnesia Closing Party October 1989

Totally awesome. Mad to think that this was nearly 22 years ago!

Amnesia Closing Party, October 1989 (Part One) from Apiento on Vimeo.

Joy Orbison – Untitled

Have been hearing this around the place recently and thought it might be by Mr Joy (Mr Orbison could be confusing). Lovely, as usual…

Joy Orbison
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Sha’Lor – I’m In Love

Back to ’89 with some classic house from one of the guys who was in Newcleus (The Wikki-Wikki Song). Love this style of house music from that period, just shame I was too young to have appreciated it first time around…

Peshay – Piano Tune (2011 Remix)

It looks like Peshay is back on the scene with a remix of one of his classics original released in ’94 on Good Looking. Not a bad little remix…


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