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JMJ & Richie – Universal Horn (Flytronix Remix)

A bit of a gem from the glory days of atmospheric jungle. If memory serves me correctly this came out around ’96, back when Moving Shadow was really on top of the game for this style of music. It appeared on the Storm From the East LP, an album that showcased artists from the east of the UK. Along with the Revolutionary Generation I see this for peanuts every now and then in shops but that’s not to detract from the great tunes on them so well worth giving them a shot if you happen to see them for sale.

Konnekt – Retro Jazz (’94 – ’97 drum & bass mix)

Found this on Soundcloud, a nice mix of some mid-90s jungle with a few that I’d never heard before and several lesser-known tracks. Good for those who want a change from the same old, same old.

Randall & Andy C – Feel It

Tucked away on the b-side of Sound Control is this little gem. Bypassing the standard amen breaks of the time for some cut up beats that seem to be almost falling over themselves this was something a little different from the label that went on to produce and endless stream of hits over the next decade and a bit.

Cops don’t like me…so I don’t like cops

Randall & Andy C
Buy Randall & Andy C – Sound Control/Feel It at Juno

Jamiroquai – Do You Know Where You’re Coming From

I guess most people don’t remember this one from Jamiroquai’s back catalogue but it was actually a nice little tune. Released back in ’96 and produced by jungle badman M-Beat I think they were a couple of years too late on the old bandwagon hopping. Hardly the best track ever made but surprisingly good for a pop/jungle crossover tune.

Buy Jamiroquai – Do You Know Where You’re Coming From on Amazon

Skitty – Live from Rupture @ Corsica Studios 11-2-11

Proof that jungle is still alive somewhere in the world…some deadly tunes on here

SKITTY – Live from Rupture@ Corsica Studios 11-2-11 by Rupture