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Archive for June, 2011

Rootstrax – Harlequin

Wicked house by some Frenchman

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Jada Pearl – All My Love

Massive funky tune from Jada Pearl featuring Fuzzy Logik on production. Have heard people playing this for months now and still no sign of a release on it. There’s also a terrible dubstep version doing the rounds

Edit: looks like this one didn’t stay around for long. Can’t find a replacement video or audio online so we’ll just have to wait for it to come out (whenever that might be)

Joy Division – The Eternal

Not a cheery bunch at the best of times this has to be one of Joy Division’s darker moments. An amazing band who went on to make even more incredible music as New Order, there aren’t many groups who have churned out quite as many classics as these guys.

Joy Division
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Stateless – Aerial (Midland Remix)

Wicked remix from Midland and totally free to download. Who said you never get something for nothing?

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Skitty – Live from Rupture @ Corsica Studios 11-2-11

Proof that jungle is still alive somewhere in the world…some deadly tunes on here

SKITTY – Live from Rupture@ Corsica Studios 11-2-11 by Rupture