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Archive for January, 2012

The Burrell Brothers Nu Groove mix by Gerd Janson

I can’t claim to know the Nu Groove catalogue inside out but most of the stuff I’ve heard on there has been absolutely wicked. I didn’t realise that these guys were responsible for so many of the releases on the label. There are plenty in here that I’d heard already but def a few more that I need to check out. A wicked little mix of house music for you anyway. Enjoy!

Yuck – The Wall

These guys released their debut album last year and I’d highly recommend anyone into lo-fi indie checks it out. I’m assuming there have been many comparisons to bands like Dinosaur Jr, who they definitely sound a lot like, but there are some great songs on the album that make them a step above bands giving a nod to a classic era of guitar music.

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Budgie – Parents

Something a bit more rocking for you today. Budgie were a big influence on many of the early heavy metal acts and have also often been cited as a favourite of many seminal thrash metallers over the years (Metallica, Megadeth etc). This tune is one of those that I must have picked up from some distant listen years back but had no idea who it was by. Absolutely wicked stuff from a very underrated band…

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Eats Everything – Entrance Song

I know nothing about this guy and just discovered this (wicked) tune recently. Luckily there appears to be a fair bit of other stuff to check out and I will be doing just that. He clearly likes crisps so me and him would no doubt get on like a house on fire.

eats everything
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Yacht Rock

I’d never heard of this before but it’s amazing. 80s smooth music greats getting parodied excellently. Still need to go through and watch the lot but the couple that I have checked out are hilarious. Episode 2 here detailing how Toto’s Rosanna got made…

…and the rest of them