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Heart – Sing Child

Heart are totally wicked. They cranked out loads of great rock tunes in the 70s (this is one of them) and then went full on 80s hair rock in the following decade. A rarity at the time that they were fronted by two women, both incredibly talented performers and songwriters. Ann Wilson’s voice is incredible and Nancy is pretty shit hot on the old guitar too, apparently they do a lot of writing for movies and stuff now. If you’ve seen Almost Famous (and you really, really should if you haven’t) the songs for the fake band, Stillwater, are all written by the Wilson sisters.

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Bon Jovi – Always Run To You

Judging by my web stats I’m assuming that most people who read this site (there aren’t many of you) are ones that I actually know in real life, so you will probably already know about my highly questionable taste in music. Not that I’m saying that Bon Jovi are shit, because they are pretty damn amazing (pre 90s), but I know some of you will probably not approve of this. For those who can appreciate pop metal genius and the days of amazing 80s choruses, check this out:

Bon Jovi
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The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Third Stone From The Sun

As I’m sure is the same with many other people Jimi is one of the main reasons I learnt to play guitar as a nipper. Not content with being ultra-talented he’s clearly one of the coolest guys to have ever lived and it’s cool to see that his influence on music is still heard and recognised today. Most people know the hits but there were some amazing moments on his studio albums that many might not have heard before. This is one of them…

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ZZ Top – I Need You Tonight

Nice stuff from long-time rockers ZZ Top. This was on their Eliminator album, of which I have an awesome picture disc, an album that sold millions and contained several classic singles. Might not be your cup of tea, but give it a go…

ZZ Top
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Space – Female Of The Species

Most 90s indie pop, along with much of the commercial music made in that decade, has aged pretty badly. I used to love this track when it came out and it brings back some funny memories of school days, holidays with mates and much stupid behaviour that I’m glad is well behind me. The song actually still sounds pretty good (or is that just me?), but it’s amazing how obviously 90s this is from virtually everything in the video.

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