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Carcass – Surgical Steel

It’s unlikely that many people reading this blog will like this but I don’t care. My favourite band, Carcass, release their new album Surgical Steel today. I have to admit that I had a naughty download of it weeks back but seeing as I’ve bought two copies of the thing on vinyl at great expense I think I’m justified in hearing it a little early.

Growing up I loved these guys’ music. Necroticism and Heartwork are two of the most perfect records that I’ve ever heard so I was a little worried when they announced a new album. First listen showed that they’d done a good job and repeated listens (there have been, like, a lot) made me realise that they’d totally excelled themselves. It’s awesome.

This is unlikely to be everyone’s cup of tea but anyone who’s at all into metal needs to check this out. It’s on Spotify…

If you liked that then why not pick up one of the lovely vinyl editions, CDs or tapes that are available?

Available from
Nuclear Blast (Europe)
Nuclear Blast (USA)

Carly Rae Jepson – Call Me Maybe (Shred version)

In terms of pop songs Call Me Maybe is pretty top notch stuff. There are very few songs I’ve heard in recent times that get stuck in my head quite as much and I’m always left singing the chorus for the rest of the day (or week). What could make it better? Heavy metal, of course!

Bon Jovi – Always Run To You

Judging by my web stats I’m assuming that most people who read this site (there aren’t many of you) are ones that I actually know in real life, so you will probably already know about my highly questionable taste in music. Not that I’m saying that Bon Jovi are shit, because they are pretty damn amazing (pre 90s), but I know some of you will probably not approve of this. For those who can appreciate pop metal genius and the days of amazing 80s choruses, check this out:

Bon Jovi
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At The Gates – The Flames Of The End

Metal bands are funny beasts. Many of them go on about how they listen to all sorts of music, yet when you question them about this it turns out that they just listen to all type of metal. Boring. The good thing about a lots of them is that they include random non-metal/non-heavy tracks on their albums from time to time.

This one is from Swedish death metal pioneers At The Gates and is taken from their seminal Slaughter Of The Soul album. If I had to pick then this record would definitely make an appearance in my top 5 records of all time and is almost perfect from start (and what a start it is!) to finish.

Give this a try, it’s interesting…

At The Gates
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Crap Metal Album Covers #4: Terminator – Probability Of Doom

Terminator - Probability Of Doom

Because nothing says “impending doom” like a seal balancing an oil drum on its nose.