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Crap Metal Album Covers #6: Intruder – Krush, Kill, Destroy


Yeah, you show that anteater who’s boss!

Crap Metal Album Covers #5: Ace Lane – See You In Heaven

Ace Lane - See You In Heaven

1983 was most definitely a different time is this is what passes for a metal album cover back then. I guess the they’ve got the masculinity side covered with the creepy beefy skull dude but I’m not sure that pink speedos are permitted up in heaven.

Crap Metal Album Covers #4: Terminator – Probability Of Doom

Terminator - Probability Of Doom

Because nothing says “impending doom” like a seal balancing an oil drum on its nose.

Crap Metal Album Covers #3: Scorpions – Fly To The Rainbow

Scorpions - Fly To The Rainbow

Scorpions are no stranger to the crap metal cover, in fact they’ve made some of the weirdest and most offensive ones out there but they’ve been discussed at length on other sites already.

So, let’s set the scene here. This was the German bands’s second album. One that moved them further in the direction of all out ballsy, manly heavy metal music and away from their jazzy roots. I think the cover works perfectly. To my surprise the band to this day still feel that it missed the mark slightly.

Crap Metal Album Covers #2: Atomic – Nuclear Thrash

Atomic - Nuclear Thrash

Ooooooh, beware the evil puking hand dragon. Come on guys…