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Haste – Live at Off The Record – 28/9/2013

I played a vinyl only jungle set on the 28th September at one of my favourite bars in London, Camden’s Lockside Lounge, for Off The Record. I generally play with a laptop now when I’m out and about (it’s been a while since I’ve played old skool anywhere) so it was nice to play some proper records. I definitely didn’t miss the transportation side of things, though.

The crowd were just a Saturday night bar crown so I wasn’t able to dig too deep, hence a few anthems in here amongst a few others that I thought might work well. The first tune was actually Seiji‘s last one, he played a wicked set of various bits and bobs including some lovely classic house and garage.

  1. Reprazent – New Forms (Seiji’s last tune)

  2. Tom & Jerry – Dancer

  3. Deep Blue – Helicopter Tune

  4. Randall & Andy C – Sound Control

  5. Slipmatt – Breaking Free

  6. Jo – R-Type

  7. Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith – Charge (T-Bone VIP Mix)

  8. General Degree – Papa Lover (Stretch Remix)

  9. Conquering Lion – Code Red (94 Remix)

  10. Uncle 22 – 6 Million Ways (DJ Hype Remix)

  11. DJ Rap & Outlaw Candy – Intelligent Woman

  12. Krome & Time – The Licence

  13. Tarzan – Watch How The People

  14. M-Beat – Sweet Love

  15. Prizna – Fire (Urban Shakedown Remix)

  16. Remarc & Lewi – Ricky

  17. Tom & Jerry – Maximun Style

  18. Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows (Long Dark Remix)

  19. Andy C – Roll On

  20. DJ Krust – Set Speed (Remix)

  21. DJ Zinc – On Fire Tonight

  22. Remarc – RIP (DJ Hype Remix)

  23. Gang Related & Mask – Ready Or Not

  24. Bonafide – Super Bad (DJ Zinc Remix)

  25. Shy FX – This Style (Remix)

  26. DJ Phantasy – 44 Mag

  27. DJ Nut Nut – Special Dedication

  28. Aladdin – Play buttonMash Up Yer Know (’96 Remix)

  29. Lemon D – This Is LA

  30. Splash – Babylon

  31. Tribe Of Issachar – Junglist

  32. Roni Size – Fashion

  33. DJ SS – Black (VIP Mix)

  34. L Double – Mad Funk

  35. Firefox – Bonanza Kid

  36. EQP – Crackman (Last Chapter)

  37. Capone – Friday

  38. Special K – Pressure Roll

  39. Sound Of The Future – Lighter (DJ Friendly Remix)

  40. Dred Bass & The JB – World Of Music

  41. DJ Rap – Hardstep

  42. Top Cat – Roughest Gunark (DJ Rap Remix)

  43. DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter (Remix)

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Haste – Hardcore Mix Part 5

I’ve had a bunch of records out for a while (shamefully about 6 months) to record this and finally got round to it. I now realise that not DJing regularly means that you become far worse at mixing so this is a little off in places, apologies in advance.

Most of the tracks here are from 1993 and represent the period where hardcore started to move into jungle. There’s still a hint of cheese and chipmunks but everything was getting a bit darker and the four to the floor kicks were on their way out. Loads of these are personal favs from that era and are tracks that never leave the bag when I’m playing this sort of stuff out.

  1. Nosebleed – Left Nostril [Face]

  2. From The Man Like The Pennywise – Suspension Of Disbelief [Symphony Sound]

  3. Tango & Fallout – Violator Part 1

  4. DJ Terror Eyes & Mister Mix – The Ritual [Face 2 Face]

  5. The Reece Project – Spirit Come Down [Liquid Wax]

  6. Formula 7 – War Cries [Quayside]

  7. Pascal & Sponge – Raw Basics [Face]

  8. DJ Taktix – Fatal Attraxion [Back 2 Basics]

  9. Fast Floor – Sweat Shop [Smooth Recordings]

  10. Harmony & Xtreme – NRG Rush [Lucky Spin]

  11. Essence Of Aura – Intruder [Outstanding Productions]

  12. First Prodject – Interferance [ULR One]

  13. Roni Size – Agility [Vinyl Experience/V Recordings]

  14. DJ Crystl – Inna Year 3000 [Force Ten]

  15. Harmony & Xtreme – SL001

  16. DJ Pooch – Untitled [Pure White/Lucky Spin]

  17. Cool Hand Flex – Shackout [U No Dat]

  18. Vicious Crew – Alright [Stomp Records]

  19. Goldseal Tribe – Your Love Pt 2 [Goldseal]

  20. JMJ & Richie – Case Closed [Moving Shadow]

  21. Bounty Killaz – Silent Voices [Creative Wax]

  22. Tayla – Bang The Drums [Good Looking]

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JMJ & Richie – Universal Horn (Flytronix Remix)

A bit of a gem from the glory days of atmospheric jungle. If memory serves me correctly this came out around ’96, back when Moving Shadow was really on top of the game for this style of music. It appeared on the Storm From the East LP, an album that showcased artists from the east of the UK. Along with the Revolutionary Generation I see this for peanuts every now and then in shops but that’s not to detract from the great tunes on them so well worth giving them a shot if you happen to see them for sale.

Konnekt – Retro Jazz (’94 – ’97 drum & bass mix)

Found this on Soundcloud, a nice mix of some mid-90s jungle with a few that I’d never heard before and several lesser-known tracks. Good for those who want a change from the same old, same old.

Randall & Andy C – Feel It

Tucked away on the b-side of Sound Control is this little gem. Bypassing the standard amen breaks of the time for some cut up beats that seem to be almost falling over themselves this was something a little different from the label that went on to produce and endless stream of hits over the next decade and a bit.

Cops don’t like me…so I don’t like cops

Randall & Andy C
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