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Mick Smiley – Magic

It’s Halloween…oOooOOoooOOOoh!

Ghostbusters is spooky, right? Yeah, I think it counts as spooky enough to go up for Halloween. Here’s a cool little track from the Ghostbusters Soundtrack that I swear someone should sample and make into a hip hop tune or something, the best is wicked. It’s from the bit of the film where they’ve opened up the ghost storage and everything goes a little trippy. You know it’s all about the bit where the guy gets in the taxi and the driver is some sort of zombie. Ghostbusters rules!

There’s another version of the tune, it seems. Be warned that Mick appears to have the cold, dead eyes of a killer in the video. Now that’s spooky!

Mick Smiley
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Morgan / McVey – Looking Good Diving (With The Wild Bunch)

The tune that eventually became Buffalo Stance started out as the b-side of Morgan / McVey’s “Looking Good Diving” which was produced by Stock, Aitken & Waterman. They called in Tim Simenon (Mr Bomb The Bass to me and you) to turn it into the 80s dance classic that it is and the tune blew up. I had absolutely no idea that he’d produced Buffalo (and Manchild for that matter) but listening now it all totally makes sense. Wicked tunes anyway and interesting to hear this proto version.

Morgan McVey
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Grace Jones – I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You)

Aside from the well known tunes I’ve never delved too far into the Grace Jones back catalogue which I’m now regretting after hearing this slice of electronic 80s awesomeness. As suspected I just looked it up and it was produced by the one and only Nile Rodgers, a man responsible for more amazing beats than, well, anyone. Even though many people know lots of his tunes he actually doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Maybe I’ll do a few posts in the future of more underground songs he’s produced or ones that people might not be aware of.

grace jones
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Bee Gees – ESP

Don’t lie to yourselves, you know you love this.


Bee Gees
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Ultravox – We Came To Dance

Killer 80s synth pop taken from what I didn’t know was the band’s sixth album, Quartet. Forget Vienna, this is the one.

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