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The Teardrop Explodes – When I Dream

You know when you listen to an album and you know half the tunes on there but never knew who they were by and what they were called? No? Maybe it’s just me then.

This just happened to me with The Teardrop Explodes’ awesome Kilimanjaro LP. I have no idea when I heard all of these songs as I don’t ever recall listening to these guys before (although they have been on my “list of bands who sound interesting and I should probably check out” for a while). Top 80s “psychedelic” post punk/new wave/indie/whatever from Julian Cope et al. Listen.

Teardrop Explodes
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The Teardrop Explodes – The Great Dominions

Great moody ambient indie from way back in 1980. Headed by awesome nutter Julian Cope The Teardrop Explodes made some wicked post punk goodness. Love the beatless(ish) vibe on this one, really need to explore their back catalogue a bit further and discover a few more gems!

This comes from the “Killamanjaro” album which apparently originally going to be called “Everyone Wants To Shag The Teardrop Explodes”. I think we can agree that this is a much better title!

Teardrop explodes
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The Whispers – Rock Steady

The Whispers are a bunch of funky dudes singing funky songs. Not only do they wear some amazing suits but their moustache game is out of this world.


The Whispers
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The Arrows – Say It Isn’t True

Big 80s pop that I just discovered. Cheesy? Check. Big chorus? Check. Does it sound remarkably like “Knowing Me, Knowing You”? Check. What more could you want?

Bon Jovi – Always Run To You

Judging by my web stats I’m assuming that most people who read this site (there aren’t many of you) are ones that I actually know in real life, so you will probably already know about my highly questionable taste in music. Not that I’m saying that Bon Jovi are shit, because they are pretty damn amazing (pre 90s), but I know some of you will probably not approve of this. For those who can appreciate pop metal genius and the days of amazing 80s choruses, check this out:

Bon Jovi
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