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Letherette – Say The Sun

Nice moody, laid back beats from Letherette: two lads whose tunes I’ve been playing for a while now. They just released their debut album through Ninja Tune and it’s a wicked mix of all sorts of electronic styles from pumpin’ house to more experimental excursions. I love the guitar(?) line in this but the album is well worth checking out in full. Get on it!

Buy Letherette – Letherette MP3 at Juno

Project 86 – Industrial Bass (Industrial Mix)

Killer early hardcore breakbeat techno biz from the legendary Nu Groove label. Such a big tune from all the way back in 1990!

yU – Fine

Some lovely breakbeat goodness here. “Oooh”s and “aaah”s along with serious repetition of basic words might not sound like a winner, but it is

Cedric Winkleburger & The Yellow Blueberries – Take It Easy

A total classic piece of ’91 breakbeat hardcore here from the seminal Shut Up & Dance Label. I’ve already spilled my heart about these guys in a Ragga Twins post. I’ve never worked out whether Cedric Winkleburger is just another alias for PJ & Smiley or whether it was a legitimate artist but the track sounds very similar to other SUAD productions of the time.

An absolute corker of a tune, I could listen to this all day

Depth Charge – Shaolin Buddha Finger

I couldn’t really decide which tune to put up here from Depth Charge’s awesome 9 Deadly Venoms album so I decided to play it safe and put up the first track – Shaolin Buddha Finger.

I remember this album when it came out (’94 – damn, that’s a long time ago) and have loved it ever since. Sample heavy breakbeat action taking wicked vocal snippets from all over the place but an obvious heavily influence from Spaghetti Westerns and Kung Fu flicks.

The whole album is dotted over YouTube so give them all a listen if you have time