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Cutty Ranks – Hand Grenade

Big old skool reggae tune from OG Cutty Ranks who has far too many badman tunes to his name to put them all up here. All about the explosions in the background

Cutty Ranks
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Super Cat – Dem No Worry We

Big tings from Super Cat one of a few Jamaican artists who had crossover hits in the 90s. For those who don’t know him from his reggae tunes his biggest US hit was probably Dolly My Baby featuring a famous verse from the one and only Notorious BIG (“I love it when you call me Big Poppa…”) as well as some piss poor rapping from Puff Daddy.

Sadly I can’t embed this one here but check the original video on YouTube for some serious 1992 style & fashion:-

Super Cat – Dem No Worry We

Shabba Ranks – Caan Dun

Big tune from Shabba Ranks. For those who only know him for stuff like Mr Loverman here’s one of his more credible efforts with dancehall fans. Shabba chatting on the classic Punani riddim, definitely one of my favs, and the usual lyrics about girls winding their arses etc. I wouldn’t listen to that too much, just brock out (and ting)