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Cool Guitars – Dean VMNT Rust In Peace

I’ve been playing guitar, on and off, since I was fairly young. If memory serves me correctly there was always an old acoustic in the house and I got my first electric guitar, a crappy strat copy in red with black fretboard, when I was around 10 or 11.

I can’t say that I play that well, although I used to be pretty good when I was in my late teens and played almost every day at school. Having recently got back into playing again I’ve become somewhat addicted to the idea of owning more guitars than I have space (or need) for. This is not a good thing.

This has got to be one of the coolest (well, in my eyes) guitars ever. Dave Mustiaine + guitar + Rust In Peace graphics = too much for me to handle

Dean VMNT Rust In Peace

Sadly, at £1,000+ I’m not going to be able to justify buying it. Must resist buying the cheaper alternative

Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT Rust In Peace