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Animal Collective – My Girls

As the name might suggest this is a fairly loosely defined bunch of musicians and guests making some pretty cool, weird indie/electronica. One of the main guys Panda Bear makes pretty good tunes on his own so it’s well worth checking out some of his stuff if you’re into this kinda thing.

Animal Collective
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Aphex Twin – Polynomial-C

Awesome old breakbeat/hardcore/techno stuff from the warped genius Richard D. James AKA Aphex Twin. I’ve been a huge fan of his music since the early 90s, even if some of it scares the bejesus out of me. His Selected Ambient Works I album is quite simply one of the finest collections of electronic music ever released and if you’ve not heard it then you really need to stop anything you’re doing and buy it immediately.

Aphex Twin
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oOoOO – Burnout Eyess

Paranoid beats from with haunting melodies and vocals at a super snail’s pace. Wicked stuff from some dude in San Francisco. Listen and then buy…

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The Black Dog & Regis – High-Rise Living 78-86 Mix (Part 1)

A mix of early British electronic independent music. Some very familiar names but I’m guessing that most of these tunes will be new to most

  1. Depeche Mode – Oberkorn

  2. Xerox Girls – Erase Me

  3. Human League – The Dignity Of Labour: Part 1

  4. Soft Cell – Metro Mr. X

  5. Naked Lunch – Slipping Again

  6. Robert Rental & Thomas Leer – Day Breaks, Night Heals

  7. Clock Dva – 4 Hours

  8. Blancmange – Running Thin

  9. Patrik Fitzgerald – One Little Soldier

  10. They Must Be Russians – Nagasaki’s Children

  11. Chris & Cosey – Walking Through Heaven

  12. Hula – Poison

  13. Portion Control – Havoc Man

  14. New Order – Temptation Of Evil Dust

  15. Nitzer Ebb – Warsaw Ghetto

  16. Final Program – Protect & Survive

  17. The The – Cold Spell Ahead

  18. Cabaret Voltaire – Why Kill Time (When You Can Kill Yourself)

  19. Vice Versa – Stilyargi

  20. Duet Emmo – Heart Of Hearts (Or So It Seems)


Burial – Endorphin

I’m guessing that this isn’t that unknown to people but thought I’d post it up anyway. Hard to pick a favourite from Burial’s amazing second album, Untrue, but I think I’d go with this one.

Beatless with nothing but haunting pads and vocals this tune always makes the hairs on my neck stand on end. If you haven’t heard it then go and buy the album immediately, it’s probably my favourite electronic/dance record in the past 5 years or so.