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Now that’s what I call a sandwich!

I stumbled across this Guardian article the other day on the joys of sandwich making. After discussion of a few classics in the sandwich game the author makes a bold claim: to know the recipe for the ultimate sandwich.

Without trying I can’t prove or deny this, although I have to say that it looks like it might be possible…

The Shooter’s Sandwich

(No horseradish for me, though. UUuuurgh!)

Diet Coke With Bacon

My, some people are gullible. This is very amusing and also kinda awesome but are people that dense that they have to ask “Is this a joke?”. Yes, of course it is


http://www.myspace.com/dietcokewithbacon (might not be there for long)

The best pizza in town

As a little treat for quitting the day job and starting up as a full time freelancer I decided to treat myself to lunch from Franco Manca, my favourite pizza place in town which also happens to be a couple of minutes’ walk from my flat.

A special treat was in store – pancetta, radiccio, pine nuts and onions on the incredible home made sour dough base…check this out

The only crap thing is that the restaurant is only open during the Brixton market operating hours which means they close at 5pm every day and aren’t open Sunday…BOOOOOOO 🙁

Death by chocolate (brownie)

Highly recommended although, in this form, now discontinued, I give you perhaps the finest brownie I have ever had.

Best brownie in the world

I can’t recommend enough the butcher(?!) who made these – Jack O’Shea’s. They also make some of the most amazing baguettes known to man and, even though they’re sitting practically opposite Harrod’s, they’re cheap!

Visit Jack O’Shea’s website