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DJ Zinc feat. Miss Dynamite – Wile Out

I’ve been listening to loads of House, UK Funky, whatever you wanna call it stuff recently so thought it was about time I started to post up a bit more new music. There’s so much wicked stuff coming out of the UK at the moment especially in the underground house scene.

Some of you probably already know but Zinc has started making a load of this stuff which he’s calling Crack House. This is a vocal mix of one of the tunes on the Crack House EP (Blunt Edge) with Ms. Dynamite on vocals. Killer tune and absolutely smashing it up at the moment. Out soon, I presume.

As a side note I just realised I’ve been buying this guy’s tunes for 16 years. Definitely one of my all time top producers, the number of killer tracks he’s made is just ridiculous.

As a bonus here’s a little interview with the man himself for your pleasure. Fascinating insights into his preferences for dogs or cats inside…