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Redlight – MDMA

It looks like Clipz has totally stopped making D&B now and is concentrating on his Redlight project. Good news, I say. He knocking out some serious tunes at the moment and this new(ish) one is no different. There’s a vocal mix featuring Miss Dynamite but I prefer the original instrumental track. Hopefully this one will be about to buy soon!

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Redlight – Stupid

I don’t know how one man can make tunes so terrible in one genre and completely smash up another at the same time. Personally, I hate Clipz‘s drum & bass tunes. There are a couple that are bearable but I just don’t get what people like about ’em. As Redlight, however, I love everything that he’s done. Stupid is the latest single on Digital Soundboy and it’s totally wicked, if you’ve not already heard it then you need to. That’s all that needs to be said, really…

Redlight - Stupid
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