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RollDaBeats flyers arrived

The flyers for the next RollDaBeats night turned up today and they’re looking cool!

Wasn’t totally sure if the green was gonna be too light but it came out absolutely perfect….noooiiiiiice

Make sure you check out the gig info – Tango & Ratty, Equinox, J Rolla and myself – 20th March. Old skool all night

RollDaBeats 20 March 2010 flyer

New RollDaBeats flyers are here!

I don’t do much print design for clients, mainly cos I think I don’t know enough about it. To save a bit of money on designer costs I generally handle the print work for RollDaBeats if there’s time to fit it all in. We needed some flyers for the next party – November 21st @ Lockside Loungue with Nookie, DJ Lee, Equinox , Madcap & me – so I got Photoshop out and tried to get something decent done.

They turned up recently and I was pretty happy with the results!